• Discolored and dry needles on a Japanese cedar after an unexpected freeze

    How to Protect and Revive Plants After an Unexpected Freeze

    The 2022 holiday season in the South and southeastern United States blew in with a winter storm that will not soon be forgotten. Our region missed much of the snowfall…

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    Freezer Tips for Fresh Produce

    Instead of canning, here are some easy methods for freezing some of your end-of-the season fruits and vegetables. A few minutes spent freezing now, means garden-fresh meals in the middle…

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    3 Easy Ways to Preserve the Herbs

    Cooler nighttime temperatures mean the end is near to another vegetable gardening season. Instead of letting those beautiful culinary herbs go to seed, take a few minutes to snip and…

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    5 Easy Ideas for Preserving Peppers

    Get them while they're hot! It's time for vegetable gardeners to get busy picking and preserving their peppers. Here are some simple ways for saving the harvest to enjoy this…

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    How to Freeze Herbs

    All you need to freeze herbs is a food processor or a mortar and pestle and the oil of your choice. In this video, culinary herbalist Susan Belsinger demonstrates her technique for…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Drying Tomatoes on the Vine

    It turns out there’s an alternative to drying tomatoes in the oven or using a vegetable dehydrator in the kitchen. Just let the sun do the work.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Small Batch Preserving

    Small-batch preserving is perfect for gardeners with small gardens or those with vegetables that don’t ripen all at once. It's also an easy, time-saving alternative to marathon canning sessions. Here's…

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    September in the Garden: Time to Harvest and Preserve

    Labor Day weekend pretty much signals the end of the summer season and the beginning of fall. As the summer bounty slows considerably, autumn produce is ripening--so if you haven't…

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    Aunt Ruth’s Heritage Chili Sauce

    It's hard to go wrong with a time-tested family original recipe like this one. If you like your chili sauce with some heat, add fresh or dried hot cayenne pepper…

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    Get a Can Do Attitude

    Too many tomatoes? Can’t keep up with the cukes? Well, now’s the time to get busy canning, freezing, drying, pickling, and fermenting. Oh yes, you can!