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    Autumn Colors in North Georgia

    Today we're visiting with Bonnie Plikaytis, who is sharing the beauties of her garden at the end of the season. Here are a few photos of some of the autumn…

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    Explosive Late Fall Color in the Northwest

    Fall is a wonderful time of year in the Pacific Northwest. I really enjoy the slower pace in my garden and my clients’ gardens. My walks around the neighborhood and…

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    Fall Color in Washington

    Today’s photos are from Lori Ann Fowler in Newhalem, Washington. I am sure you have tons of fall photos with amazing color, but I had to share these with you.…

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    Four Favorite Plants for Fall Color

    The Northeast’s reputation for extraordinary fall color is well established. We locals are so lucky! We don’t have to travel far to view calico-patterned landscapes of deciduous trees, shrubs, and…

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    The Bittersweet Change From Summer to Fall

    Peggy Fox is a regular contributor to the GPOD, and she has just shared some wonderful images of her garden in autumn. This is Peggy Fox, in Gig Harbor, Washington.…

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    A Border Worth Waiting For

    If the only thing “fall color” means to you is that it’s time to get out your rake, you are missing what can be the best season in the garden.…

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    Orange Plants for a Warm Palette in the Garden

    Why do so many gardeners shy away from orange? I have always been drawn to its warmth and flexibility. Orange is a versatile color; even those who dislike it often…

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    Great Garden Combinations for Fall

    These six combination strategies help end the season with a bang