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This fiery color fits every season

Fine Gardening - Issue 183
Canna 'Phasion', syn. Canna Tropicanna, Bidens ferulifolia

Why do so many gardeners shy away from orange? I have always been drawn to its warmth and flexibility. Orange is a versatile color; even those who dislike it often don’t mind a salmon hue or a peach accent. Although this color has a reputation for being hard to work with, I find that it fits well into many color schemes.

Orange is an eye-catching accent throughout the year

I continue to be fascinated by how color is presented in plants and how the colors of a garden change and shift through the seasons. In the winter garden, warm orange stems and branches provide a welcome accent to evergreens and dormant woody plants. The citrus-colored blooms of flowering bulbs and tawny apricot-tinted blades of ornamental grasses offer a feeling of warmth that helps ease us into spring. In the high season, when orange is best represented, the intense summer sun enhances it rather than robbing it of its strength. And of course this color is a key player in the garden’s theatrical transition into autumn. In each season, this hue brings strength and character to the garden in a different way.

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