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  • close up of tea camellia in bloom

    Late October in Carla’s Garden

    We’re visiting with regular GPOD contributor Carla Z. Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvania, today. These photos are from late October in my garden. My bulbs have been planted, and I even…

  • Design

    Episode 72: Blooms for Fall

    When it comes to autumnal color in the garden, most of us probably think of leaves changing from green, to perhaps yellow, orange, or even red. This foliage show is…

  • Partridge pea

    4 Fall-Blooming Wildflowers to Plant in Spring

    Even though we are in the middle of spring wildflower season, it’s not too early to start planning for fall wildflowers in your garden. In fact, you need to plant…

  • Article

    The Bittersweet Change From Summer to Fall

    Peggy Fox is a regular contributor to the GPOD, and she has just shared some wonderful images of her garden in autumn. This is Peggy Fox, in Gig Harbor, Washington.…

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    Fall Favorites

    Fall is probably my favorite time in the garden. It's got cooler weather, the rich abundance of harvest time, and the blooms of so many wonderful plants coming into their…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Celebrate Autumn With Beautiful Fruit and Flowers

    Today’s photos come from Lizzy Cordova, who shares some beautiful images of autumn in her garden in North Orange County, California. When autumn comes, suddenly it’s the garden’s second spring. In…

  • Article

    Gardening as an Art Form

    Istvan Dudas, the gardener for a private estate garden in the UK, shared his dreamy, magical perennial borders with us earlier this year, and he’s sent some more images of…

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    Fabulous Fall Colchicums

    Today’s photos come from Kathy Purdy, a great collector of fall-blooming colchicum. I garden in Oxford, New York, which I like to say has a Zone 5 winter (sometimes even…

  • Spanish poppy in full bloom.

    Orange Plants for a Warm Palette in the Garden

    Why do so many gardeners shy away from orange? I have always been drawn to its warmth and flexibility. Orange is a versatile color; even those who dislike it often…

  • Fragrant tea olive

    Autumn-Flowering Trees

    Fall is an exciting time in the garden, with cooler temperatures resulting in foliage taking on its characteristic yellow, orange, and red tones. Trees that flower in autumn, however, are…