Deer-Resistant Plants

  • Umbrella Plant is a great hosta replacement for mild climates

    Native Alternatives to Hostas (That Are Deer Resistant)

    Why would you ever want alternatives to hostas (Hosta spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9)? These garden favorites are seemingly perfect—they can adapt to sun or shade, come in a multitude…

  • deer and hydrangeas

    Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas?

    The arrival of late spring and early summer means just one thing here in New England: hydrangea season. The East Coast is known for the iconic displays those hydrangeas put…

  • deer proof shade plants

    A Deer-Proof Garden Design for Dry Shade – Plant IDs

    I live in a modern house perched on a coastal bluff and surrounded by Douglas firs and western red cedars (Thuja plicata, Zones 5–7) that are over one hundred years…

  • deer-resistant plants

    Regional Picks: Deer-Resistant Plants

    While most gardening pests and problems vary greatly depending on region, there is one dilemma that just about all of us have to contend with—deer. There are populations of deer…

  • How-To

    3 Things That Don’t Work (Reliably) as Deer Repellent

    Are deer munching your favorite plants? Desperate gardeners sometimes resort to desperate measures to ensure that beloved flowers don't become breakfast for local grazers, but there are some tactics that…

  • Design

    Deer-Resistant Combinations

    One of my greatest challenges as a designer and deer-plagued gardener is unpredictability. There are no rules. No guarantees. Just guidelines. I’ve watched deer devour thorny shrubs and trample fragrant…

  • Article

    Deer Don’t Like Basil

    As long as gardeners have been gardening, they’ve been trying to keep wildlife from getting to the harvest first. A new book by Ruth Rogers Clausen gives 50 ideas for…