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    How to Build a Crevice Garden

    If this is the first time you’ve come across the phrase “crevice garden,” it won’t be the last. This style of gardening is on the tongues of every gardening taste…

  • crevice garden at Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

    Crevice Gardening in the Northern Plains

    Crevice gardening, a form of rock gardening developed by the Czechs, is a growing trend in the Northern Plains, where gardeners can combine local or unique stones in artistic arrangements…

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    A Visit to Betty Ford’s Alpine Gardens

    Recently I visited a beautiful small garden, the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in nearby Vail, Colorado. An interesting feature of mountain gardens is how many things bloom at the same…

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    Episode 68: Plants for Nooks and Crannies

    What good is a cake without the frosting? Sure, it still tastes good, but it isn’t giving you its full potential. That’s sort of what a garden is like without…

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    Crevice Gardening with Kenton Seth

    We love crevice gardens—from their organic shapes and dimension to their interest and uniqueness. Crevice gardens are gardens created in the nooks and crannies between rock groupings. The plants get…

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    Building a Crevice Garden

    Crevice gardening is a bit of a trend among gardeners at the moment. A crevice garden is built by partially burying wide, flat pieces of stone vertically, like the pages…