• container care

    Care and Feeding Tips to Make Flower Containers Last Longer

    With all the care and effort you put into selecting plants that last, you want to do your part to keep them looking their best throughout the seasons. Follow these…

  • small garden patio with black table set

    Turning a Problem Into a Feature

    Today we're visiting Kathleen Hooper's garden. When my family and I moved from two acres in Connecticut to our Winnetka, Illinois (near Chicago) house, I inherited a small landscaped yard.…

  • How-To

    How to Water a Pot

    There are several basic things that every gardener should know: how to pinch a plant, how to water a pot, how to keep dirt out of your fingernails, etc. In…

  • Collection

    Gorgeous Garden Container Designs, Tips, and Inspiration

    Like a blank canvas, a new container presents limitless opportunities and options for form, color, and texture. But before letting your imagination run wild with garden container designs for over-the-top…

  • Casting a Concrete Leaf Planter

    Learn How to Make a Concrete-Leaf Planter

    In Fine Gardening #200, Lisa Roper demonstrated how hand-cast leaves can create artful niches for drought-loving plants like succulents (8 Ways to Create Crowd-Pleasing Containers). If you would like to…

  • mealycup sage

    Container Garden Candidates to Attract Bees for the South

    We are more aware these days about the state of bee welfare than we have been before. It’s a fact that bees are incredibly important to the environment and to…

  • Design

    Four Decades in a Garden

    I'm Rebecca Cullen, and I have lived in the same house in New Jersey, Zone 7, for 41 years. Having a passion for gardening has allowed me to continue even…

  • grasses in late-season containers

    Go for Grasses to Soften Late-Season Containers—Planting Plans

    Autumn is the time when grasses finally get their moment, so no fall container collection would truly be complete without giving them their due. With feather-like seed heads that catch…

  • tropical plants in fall containers

    Tough Tropicals Make Great Thrillers in Fall Containers—Planting Plans

    While including tropicals in a fall container planting may seem unusual, the fiery oranges and flame reds of plants such as canna can be just the thing to celebrate autumn…

  • Design

    Saying Goodbye to Annuals

    Today’s photos come from longtime friend of the GPOD Cherry Ong. (If you've not seen her garden before, start here or here.) Thought I'd send some photos from before some…