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Four Decades in a Garden

40 years of gardening and still going strong!

I’m Rebecca Cullen, and I have lived in the same house in New Jersey, Zone 7, for 41 years.

fawnHaving a passion for gardening has allowed me to continue even with facing this fawn’s never-ending hunger. It wins some of the battles, but I am confident we can continue to coexist.

nasturtiumsBeautiful blooming nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus, annual) fill this basin.

tiger liliesThese tall tiger lilies (Lilium lancifolium, Zones 4–8) with recurved, orange petals specked with brown are a classic species that’s as vigorous and easy to grow as it is beautiful.

fairy gardenAn old wagon transformed into a fairy garden.

The color of the paint on the house complements the warm shade of the roses perfectly.

variegated baby sun roseA variegated baby sun rose (Aptenia cordifolia ‘Variegata’, Zones 10–11 or as annual) has small red flowers, but the bright variegated, succulent foliage is the real show.

A cauldron filled with plants.


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  1. User avater
    cynthia2020 10/08/2020

    Rebecca - I loved the apricot rose with the beautiful marine color in the background - the nasturtiums, too!

    I tried to grow Cherry Rose Jewel Nasturtium in several different places this year and none lived to flower.

    Maybe because of the blue and green paint and the variegated plants - your garden reminded me a bit of this garden

    Happy gardening!

    1. Rebeccazone7 10/08/2020

      Thank you for your nice comments. I have grown nasturtiums for years and am always reminded of a friend who called them Nastys. Not sure what zone you're in but I know they don't liked to be moved or fertilized.

      1. User avater
        cynthia2020 10/08/2020

        You are welcome!

        Re: nasturtiums

        I am in Raleigh, NC zone 7b.
        I did move them from a small container to a larger one...
        Thanks for the tips.

  2. wittyone 10/08/2020

    That is a gorgeous rose, I just love that color. The tiger lilies look really happy there. It's good to know that they are easy to grow, I don't have any lilies and that might be a good variety to start out with.

    I love your little red wagon. I have one that is about that vintage. It's still usable but once it gets a few rust holes I may try to use it as you did.

    Your garden looks really homey, comfortable, and welcoming.

    1. Rebeccazone7 10/08/2020

      Thank you for your kind comments. As usual, the rose color was an accident. I wanted the fragrance which is awesome. It was a win win. The tiger lilies were dug up from a friend's neighbor who was in his 90s and still gardening. The only downside is the stalks are messy after they if you're a neat nuck you might go with day lilies.

  3. User avater
    simplesue 10/08/2020

    Such a darling garden! Thanks for sharing your world!

  4. cheryl_c 10/08/2020

    I also love your tiger lilies - what time of the summer do they bloom for you? And the patina on your cauldron is to die for! Is your rose At Last? It looks like mine, and the fragrance is out of this world. I've had no problems with diseases, and it blooms most of the summer. Thanks for sharing your sweet photos.

  5. Rebeccazone7 10/09/2020

    The tiger lilies bloom in July. The cauldron was my ex mother in laws. When she passed my 2 sons brought it to me...they ruined their backs on that one as it's bolted into a piece of concrete. I'm not sure the name of the rose. I was looking for the fragrance, it's wondrous, and as usual the effect was a surprise.

  6. wittyone 10/09/2020

    I'm interested in the comment above asking whether the rose is "At Last". I'm hoping it is since you say the fragrance is wonderful. I planted one this spring and have had only two blooms so far (hoping that it's just busy making roots). All roses (no matter how beautiful) should be wonderfully fragrant and you just never know what you will actually end up with in the fragrance category when you haven't smelled it with you very own nose.

    1. Rebeccazone7 10/09/2020

      I bought it from a favorite locally owned nursery and was only interested in the fragrance at the time. It has never stopped blooming and is in a quite large pot that gets East sun. The nursery owner said she just leaves hers outside cuts back and mulches heavily. My inclination is to stick it in the garage.

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