• ‘Grey Owl’ eastern red cedar is a medium-size juniper

    9 Special Junipers with Unique Forms for the Garden

    Few plants generate more revulsion in the garden than junipers. The mere suggestion of planting one often musters a similar reaction to that of saying a dirty word. Maybe we’ve…

  • Zimmerman pine moth

    Pest Alert: Watch Out for Zimmerman Pine Moth

    First found in the United States in 1879, Zimmerman pine moth (Dioryctria zimmermani) is a small gray insect with zigzag lines of red and gray and a wingspan of 1…

  • wooly adelgid resistant hemlock

    ‘Traveler’ Hemlock Is Resistant to Wooly Adelgid

    If you’ve been heartbroken by the loss of a hemlock tree (Tsuga spp. and cvs., Zones 3–8) to woolly adelgid, you’re not alone. Researchers at the U.S. National Arboretum have…

  • Skylands oriental spruce

    Colorful Conifers for Year-Round Interest

    Winter in the Northeast can leave one craving color. While cold, snowy days may tend to keep some of us gardeners indoors focused more on ordering seeds and plants than…

  • garden bed with colorful conifers and evergreens in winter

    Winter Interest in Jay’s Garden

    We’re visiting award-winning garden designer Jay Sifford’s home garden today. We’ve visited it before in other seasons, but today he’s sharing how it looks in winter. I designed my garden…

  • conifers with winter color

    Conifers That Change Color in Winter for Added Interest

    The garden is always transitioning. As gardeners, we are highly tuned into the visual changes that occur in the landscape every day, week, month, and throughout the seasons. We understandably…

  • small white flowers covered in water droplets

    Winter in Andy’s Garden

    My name is Andy Schenck, and I garden in Malvern, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia) in Zone 6B/7 (depending on the winter). My garden is called Look Again Garden (named…

  • conifers for containers

    Tips and Tricks for Container Gardening With Conifers

    Container gardening is perfect for anyone confined to a balcony or deck and is also a wonderful way to add color, dimension, and versatility to any landscape, large or small.…

  • stylized meadow plants

    Planting Plan for a Stylized Meadow

    In the article Designing a Stylized Meadow (Fine Gardening #209), garden designer Jay Sifford takes readers through the steps he used to turn a sloped front yard into a lush,…

  • Globosa Nana dwarf japanese cedar

    This Underutilized Dwarf Conifer Is a Great Boxwood Substitute

    Japanese cedar is an extremely beautiful, variable, and overlooked conifer that offers much appeal in the landscape. Not an actual cedar at all, Japanese cedar is in the genus Cryptomeria,…