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  • Hannah's Flower Garden

    Hannah’s Flower Garden

    Today’s photos come from Hannah Miller. Hi GPOD people! I am an organic vegetable farmer alongside my husband and four kids in southeastern Minnesota, near Rochester. My passion is my…

  • large pedestal planter

    Mike and Brenda’s Ohio Garden

    This is the two-acre garden of Mike and Brenda Snider in central Ohio. As we head toward our second spring of the pandemic, we are reviewing pictures of the past…

  • Design

    Finding Solace in Kit’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting Kit Jensen’s garden, looking back at some views from the past year. While I’ve owned this small suburban home in northeast Ohio (South Euclid) for over 30…

  • Pots of colorful flowers on a deck

    Surinder’s Outdoor Garden

    We recently visited Surinder Chadha’s beautiful indoor plant collection in northern New Jersey, and today Surinder is sharing his outdoor gardening endeavors from the summer. Surinder says that the local…

  • Design

    John’s California Garden

    Today John Erskine is sharing his garden with us, which we have visited before (Change Up Your Garden). This past year I've been lucky enough to be able to work…

  • Design

    An Art Teacher’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Nancy Clark. I’ve been gardening since 1986 and have a 3-acre shrub-and-perennial garden situated on a 16-acre property. As a retired high school art teacher, I’m…

  • Design

    Ray and Mary Ann’s Massachusetts Garden

    Welcome to Ray and Mary Ann Fontaine’s garden in Brimfield, Massachusetts. We have been gardening for 43 years. We have hostas for our shady areas, grasses, astilbes, many shrubs, hydrangeas,…

  • Design

    Taking Stock of the Gardening Year

    We’re in British Columbia, Canada, today, looking back at the past year in Adeline Kong's garden. Adeline shares her garden with the GPOD most every year, so if you want…

  • Design

    Pallavi’s Garden in Illinois

    Today we’re visiting Pallavi Divekar’s garden in Naperville, Illinois. Once again it’s my pleasure to share the pictures of my garden with nature lovers and plant lovers. It gives me…

  • Design

    Color Themes in Barbara’s Garden

    Today we’re exploring color in Barbara Owen’s garden in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I enjoy starting my morning with the beautiful photography, plants, and garden design in GPOD. I’ve shared before, but…