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  • tall sunflowers in the middle of a dense garden bed

    Lessons Learned From a New Garden

    My name is Hayden Brown, and I am a 28-year-old gardener in Hillsboro, Oregon, Zone 8. Having grown up on a farm, gardens and the outdoors were a huge part…

  • colorful garden with mountain view behind

    Teresa’s Garden in the Mountains

    My name is Teresa Cody. I live in the mountains of North Carolina. When I first started gardening I didn’t know a perennial from an annual. I just knew I…

  • pink and purple flowers behind blue ornamental grass

    Zone 4b Minneapolis Garden

    Today we’re in Minneapolis, visiting Arianne Baldomero’s garden. This is a garden filled with flowers and lots of color. In this view, balloon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus, Zones 3–8) takes the…

  • lots of brightly colored flowers

    Evolving From Vegetables to Flowers

    I am Laurie Fischer, and I garden in northeastern Ohio. I’ve been gardening in the Midwest for over fifty years, but this is the longest in one place. This garden…

  • purple salvia with green lady's mantel

    Bill’s Massachusetts Garden

    My name is Bill Hodgeman, and I've been gardening on my property in Sunderland, Massachusetts, since 2015. My neighborhood was a swamp for thousands of years, then before it was…

  • Tall purple flowers growing out of a garden bed

    Tina’s Massachusetts Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Tina Bemis in Spencer, Massachusetts. This is the front of my house: the yellow, orange, and red garden. It has been in for seven years, but…

  • Design

    Beauty in a Midwest Garden

    Lynne from the Midwest is a longtime gardener, but these pictures are all from a new garden (Zone 6) Lynne has been working in for the past three years. A…

  • Red rose bush

    Caroline’s Louisiana Garden

    Caroline Williams is sharing photos from her Louisiana garden today. We’ve visited her garden before, so start here—Relax in the Garden—if you want to see her garden in other seasons.…

  • annabelle smooth hydrangea

    Kindig Gardens, Part 1

    Today we're visiting Dean and Pam Kindig’s garden in Rochester, New York. “Hand in hand with the invisible hand of God.” Gardening is a partnership that the gardener has with…

  • flower-filled garden

    Shelley’s Upstate New York Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Shelley Haefner in Old Chatham, New York, who is sharing a few favorite garden photos that always help her make it through those long New York…