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    ‘Strawberry Fields’ gomphrena

    Gomphrena haageana ‘Strawberry Fields’

    An upright, bushy annual with flowers (actually bracts) that resemble bright red strawberries with tiny yellow "seeds.

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    Red-hot poker

    Kniphofia uvaria

    These tall spikes top off the perennial border with a burst of tropical-red racemes.

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    ‘Sun Mouse’ hosta

    Hosta ‘Sun Mouse’

    Hosta 'Sun Mouse' is a perfect gem to add to the miniature garden.

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    ‘White Gold’ bleeding heart

    Lamprocapnos spectabilis ‘White Gold’

    Something different for the shade.

  • 'Gold Band' pampas grass
    Plant Guide

    ‘Gold Band’ pampas grass

    Cortaderia selloana 'Gold Band'

    This clumping, drought-tolerant grass is one of the best pampas grasses you could grow.

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    Giant trillium

    Trillium chloropetalum

    This species blooms in early to mid-spring with large blossoms of white, yellow, or deep purple-black.

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    Diascia barberae

    This softly textured tender perennial (or annual) produces delicate, loose spires in summer and fall.

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    ‘River Nile’ Rex begonia

    Begonia 'River Nile'

    Unlike other Rex begonias, 'River Nile' isn't flashy.

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    Artemisia schmidtiana

    This plant produces a 12-inch-high, symmetrical mound of silver-green, silky-hairy leaves.

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    Variegated glossy abelia

    Abelia  × grandiflora 'Confetti'

    'Confetti' offers finely textured medium green foliage variegated with creamy white and pink.