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    ‘Double Queen’ Lenten rose

    Helleborus odorus ‘Double Queen’

    Hellebores begin blooming in mid-winter in a range of colors, adding much needed color very early in the season.

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    Rozanne geranium

    Geranium ‘Gerwat’

    The large blooms of this perennial are a spectacular violet-blue with a white throat and darker venation on plants 1 to 2 feet tall and wide.

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    Dahlia ‘Bodacious’

    Dahlia 'Bodacious'

    'Bodacious' lives up to its name, with brilliant color and blooms that are supersized in both height and diameter.

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    Prairie dropseed

    Sporobolus heterolepsis

    The finely textured, green leaves of this slow-growing, clump-forming perennial turn golden yellow in autumn.

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    ‘Mutabilis’ China rose

    Rosa chinensis 'Mutabilis’

    This beauty is prized for the unusual qualities of its flowers, which bloom continuously from spring until frost.

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    ‘Baby Moon’ daffodil

    Narcissus ‘Baby Moon’

    Narcissus ‘Baby Moon’, a precious, golden-yellow miniature daffodil, is probably the most fragrant of all the jonquilla-type daffodils, especially considering the size of the flowers.

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    ‘Tiger Stripe’ elephant’s ear

    Colocasia esculenta ‘Tiger Stripe’

    This purple-and-cream-streaked elephant's ear makes a splash in any combination imaginable.

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    Red valerian

    Centranthus ruber

    This clump-forming perennial has deep to mid-green leaves and dense clusters of small white, pale rose-pink, or dark crimson flowers in long, slender stems.

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    Begonia ‘Marmaduke’

    Begonia 'Marmaduke'

    'Marmaduke' Rex begonia sports chocolate-colored speckles across golden leaves.

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    Pacific chrysanthemum

    Ajania pacifica 'Yellow Splash'

    This low-mounding perennial has lobed, silver-edged foliage and small yellow flowerheads in autumn.