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  • Best New Plants for 2021

    Best New Plants for 2021

    With so many annual events such as concerts and awards shows postponed this year, it was especially nice to see that the new-plant rollout for 2021 would still happen. And…

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    Episode 80: New Plants

    With so many events canceled in the last year, we sure are happy that the plant breeders still decided to unveil a healthy crop of new plants for us to…

  • new plants showing promise

    New Plants Showing Promise

    New plants are what make gardeners’ hearts skip a beat. Each year, many of us drool over the latest offerings at the nursery or read intently about up-and-coming perennials in…

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    The Best New Plants for 2020

    Truth time. This issue that you’re reading right now was put together months ago. Yes, that’s right, we’re pulling back the curtain, breaking the fourth wall, revealing an insider secret.…

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    The Best New Plants for 2020: Trees and Shrubs

    Blooms that change colors more often than a chameleon Dandy Man Color Wheel® rhododendron (Rhododendron ‘NCRX1’) Zones: 5–9 Size: 4 to 6 feet tall and wide Conditions: Full sun to…

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    Better Versions of Classic Plants

    For most people, their first attraction to plants and gardening is an appreciation of the beauty of flowers and foliage. Few hearts can remain cold to a hellebore opening on…

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    Preview: New Plant Varieties to Try

    For what seems like 8 million years, I have grown ‘Tomatoberry’. It’s a small cherry tomato variety that is not rare or superflashy, but it works well for me, so…

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    Episode 24: Plants New to Us

      Steve and Danielle sit down to discuss plants that really got them fired up from the recent FG Plant Sale. Some are little-known cultivars, some are brand new varieties.…

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    The Best New Plants for 2016

    Every gardener loves to see what the new plants are each year, and this time around, there seems to be a little something for all of us. Some are updates…