The Best Edibles for 2024

Fine Gardening – Issue 217
new vegetables for 2024

No matter how large or small a garden is, there’s nothing like a few new plants to make the gardener’s heart sing. We’ve looked over the introductions for 2024 and found some we think you’ll love as much as we do. From jaw-dropping flowers to fabulous foliage and a few tasty edibles, there’s sure to be a plant (or several) that will have friends asking, “Where did you get that?” The challenge with new introductions is that numbers are often limited the first year, so it can be a bit of a challenge to find them at garden centers or online nurseries. So shop early and don’t give up; these gorgeous new plants are sure to be around next year too.

Get a rainbow of color from one pepper plant

Prism bell pepper
Photo: courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company

‘Prism’ bell pepper

Days to maturity: 75 to 80

If you can only grow one pepper, ‘Prism’ is the one to choose. A single plant has green, orange, and red fruit all at the same time. This makes for a colorful display that can jazz up the veggie garden, a mixed border, or a container. ‘Prism’ is a midsize bell pepper with plants that grow 20 to 30 inches tall and 12 to 18 inches wide. Fruit can be harvested at any stage and is great fresh, roasted on the grill, or stuffed and baked in the oven.

Introduced by: Ball Horticultural Company


Harvest beautiful and tasty tomatoes from these space-conscious plants

Harvest Moon tomato
Photo: courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds

‘Harvest Moon’ tomato

Days to maturity: 75 days

The yellow-and-blushed-red fruit of ‘Harvest Moon’ tomato looks as good as it tastes. The indeterminate yet well-behaved plants produce firm 7- to 10-ounce fruit. This variety has great resistance to late blight. Fruit forms up and down the stems, so you’ll have plenty of tomatoes for all your recipes and to share with friends.

Introduced by: Johnny’s Selected Seeds


Want a big jalapeño with a long shelf life? Look no further

Soundwave jalapeño pepper
Photo: courtesy of Sakata Vegetables

‘Soundwave’ jalapeño pepper

Days to maturity: 80

This good-looking plant produces glossy deep green fruit that matures to red, grows 4 inches long with thick walls, and has a long shelf life. A vigorous plant, ‘Soundwave’ has a high yield and great disease resistance. Its Scoville rating of 5,500 to 6,500 means the fruit has a bit of a kick, but you can still eat it fresh from the garden or add it to your favorite recipes without anyone breaking out into a full-on sweat.

Introduced by: Sakata Vegetables


A deep, dark pumpkin that’s perfect for late-season décor

Black Bear pumpkin
Photo: courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds

‘Black Bear’ pumpkin

Days to maturity: 80 days

What a perfect pumpkin for Halloween! ‘Black Bear’ produces lots of small, round, 1- to 1½-pound pumpkins with a deep green, almost black, skin (the interior is orange). Each fruit holds well after harvest too. Plants have a bushy habit and so won’t take over the garden, and they have good resistance to powdery mildew. Even with just one vine you’ll have plenty of these ornamental pumpkins to use around the house. And just imagine how great they’ll look sitting on the porch with a few orange and white companions.

Introduced by: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Sherri Ribbey is the senior editor for Garden Gate, and Danielle Sherry is the executive editor for Fine Gardening.

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