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    GPOD on the Road: Visiting a Flower Farm

    Today Cherry Ong is taking us on the road to a flower farm she visited earlier this year. I've been curious about flower farms and so tried attending a flower…

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    Design Inspiration From Across the Pond

    It is always a thrill when we get to share some photos from Istvan Dudas. He’s the caretaker and designer of a stunning private garden in the United Kingdom. The…

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    You Can Grow a Lot of Hot Weather Plants Down Here in the Ozarks

    I'm still here in the Ozarks after teaching summer folk school classes last week. This gardening season, the gardeners planted lots of plants here with the upcoming Herb Harvest Fall…

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    Summer Gardening in the Ozarks

    It's hot down here in the Ozarks--really hot and humid--with temps mostly in the high 90s everyday. There has been a good bit of rain, though gardens are thirsty and…

  • Woman placing sunflower in a Mason jar with test additives around her including Listerine, bleach, soda and plant food

    What Makes Cut Flowers Last Longer?

    One of the great joys of gardening is taking beautiful blooms from favorite plants and placing them indoors to brighten a room. Cut flowers, however, can quickly lose their beauty.…

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    Vegetables That Are Pretty

    In the quest to find something new and different for your garden each spring, it’s easy to zoom right past the offerings of veggie seeds and transplants on your way…