Showy Foliage

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    ‘Angelina’ sedum

    Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’

    This vigorous, mat-forming, evergreen species has electric golden-yellow foliage that holds its color through the heat of summer.

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    ‘Chocolate Shogun’ astilbe

    Astilbe ‘Chocolate Shogun’

    'Chocolate Shogun' astilbe features unique dark purple-brown foliage that creates long-lasting color in any partial sun to shade garden.

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    ‘Old Fashioned’ smokebush

    Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’

    Excellent fall coloring and a smaller size set this smokebush apart.

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    Jazz Hands® variegated Chinese fringe-flower

    Loropetalum chinense ‘Irodori’

    Jazz Hands Variegated Chinese Fringeflower is draped in stunning fragrant hot pink strap-like flowers along the branches in early spring.

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    ‘Tropical Storm’ elephant’s ear

    Colocasia esculenta ‘Tropical Storm’

    This striking new Colocasia features dark—almost black—foliage that develops a creamy white center as the season progresses. At about 2½ feet tall and wide, it is also more compact than…

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    ‘Sun Mouse’ hosta

    Hosta ‘Sun Mouse’

    Hosta 'Sun Mouse' is a perfect gem to add to the miniature garden.

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    Propeller toad shade

    Trillium stamineum

    This striking spring-blooming species features narrow, chocolate-colored petals that twist like a propeller over slightly mottled leaves.

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    ‘Mojito’ elephant’s ear

    Colocasia esculenta ‘Mojito’

    ‘Mojito’ makes a thrilling addition to perennial beds, where its exotic form and color will add more surprise and interest than any other shrub or perennial you might have considered…

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    ‘River Nile’ Rex begonia

    Begonia 'River Nile'

    Unlike other Rex begonias, 'River Nile' isn't flashy.

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    Arkansas bluestar

    Amsonia hubrichtii

    Arkansas bluestar's delicate, willow-like foliage is topped with pale blue star-shaped flowers in spring.