Late Spring

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    Dwarf purple willow

    Salix purpurea ‘Nana’

    This willow has a lovely matte finish with slender blue-green leaves.

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    Jazz Hands® variegated Chinese fringe-flower

    Loropetalum chinense ‘Irodori’

    Jazz Hands Variegated Chinese Fringeflower is draped in stunning fragrant hot pink strap-like flowers along the branches in early spring.

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    The Princess™ Spanish lavender

    Lavandula stoechas 'IBPR901-2'

    This Spanish lavender features the most intense pink blossoms in the species

  • bleeding heart
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    Bleeding heart

    Dicentra spectabilis

    A garden favorite for many years, bleeding heart has soft green foliage and 1-inch-long rose pink and white heart-shaped flowers for several weeks in spring.

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    ‘Alba’ white redbud

    Cercis canadensis ‘Alba’

    Small white flowers appear in profusion on leafless branches in early spring.

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    ‘Becky Lynn’ daylily

    Hemerocallis 'Becky Lynn'

    Daylilies are classic, extremely popular garden plants.

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    Rose acacia, Bristly locust

    Robinia hispida

    This showy flowering shrub grows to 8 feet tall and wide and features dark green, compound pinnate leaves on bristly stems and pendant clusters of fragrant, pea-like, rose-pink flowers that are…

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    ‘Saffier’ Grape hyacinth

    Muscari armeniacum 'Saffier'

    Grape hyacinths are hardy, easy to grow, and have long-lasting blooms--no garden should be without them.

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    Camassia leichtlinii ssp.suksdorfii ‘Blue Danube’

    Camassia leichtlinii ssp. suksdorfii 'Blue Danube'

    Spikes of violet, star-shaped flowers top stems reaching from 2 to 4 feet in late spring.

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    ‘Blackeyed Stella’ daylily

    Hemerocallis 'Blackeyed Stella'

    Daylilies are classic, extremely popular garden plants.