Fragrant Foliage

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    The Princess™ Spanish lavender

    Lavandula stoechas 'IBPR901-2'

    This Spanish lavender features the most intense pink blossoms in the species

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    Lacey Blue Russian sage

    Perovskia atriplicifolia ‘Lisslitt’

    Hardy and heat tolerant with a sturdy, compact form that does not flop over. Lavender-blue floral sprays enhance the scented foliage.

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    Russian comfrey

    Symphytum  × uplandicum ‘Axminster Gold’

    This notably beautiful plant produces huge, elongated banana-shaped leaves, which are arfully edged in luminescent yellow.

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    Golden garlic

    Allium moly and cvs.

    For long-lasting bright yellow flowers that sparkle in midsummer, try Allium moly .

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    Russian sage

    Perovskia atriplicifolia

    The light, lavender-blue flowers, which attract butterflies to the garden, bloom in July, and often last throughout September.

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    ‘Maraschino’ bush sage

    Salvia 'Maraschino'

    'Maraschino' bush sage is a superb Salvia that is irresistible to hummingbirds and gardeners alike.

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    Yellow anise

    Illicium parviflorum

    Dime-sized, drooping, bell-shaped yellow flowers have a faint anise fragrance, but they’re hidden under new foliage in June.

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    Golden variegated sage

    Salvia officinalis 'Icterina'

    Cooks and gardeners alike are indebted to this evergreen perennial for the unique, pungent flavor and aroma that its gray-green leaves produce.

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    Meadow clary

    Salvia pratensis

    This woody-stemmed perennial produces sticky spikes of deep violet or, rarely, white to pink flowers.

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    Blue Fortune hyssop

    Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’

    'Blue Fortune' produces spikes of powder-blue flowers held over large, deep green foliage.