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    ‘Blue Hill’ meadow sage

    Salvia × sylvestris 'Blue Hill'

    This drought-tolerant perennial bears abundant pure blue flower spikes in early summer and until fall if spent flowers are removed promptly.

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    Siberian Culver’s root

    Veronicastrum sibiricum

    This species has multiple 5- to 7-foot-tall, tapering spikes of pinkish-lavender flowers from summer to fall.

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    Sensation Series cosmos

    Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Series

    This series of annuals produces extra large, cup-shaped blossoms to 3-1/2 inches across in shades of white or pink all summer long.

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    Secret’s Out!™ rose

    Rosa 'WITharoma'

    This Hybrid Tea rose offers creamy white flowers which open to release a sweet rose fragrance.

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    Tickseed sunflower

    Bidens aristosa

    This fast-growing annual of the Midwestern wet meadows grows to 4 or 5 feet tall.

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    Diamond Frost® euphorbia

    Euphorbia inneuphdia

    Diamond Frost euphorbia is an absolute workhorse in the garden, blooming almost the entire planting season and with no deadheading needed.

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    Bog sage

    Salvia uliginosa

    This moisture-loving perennial produces clear blue flowers with white highlights in late summer to mid-autumn.

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    ‘Worcester Gold’ Blue beard

    Caryopteris × clandonensis 'Worcester Gold'

    'Worcester Gold' is an attractive, mounding, woody shrub with warm yellow to chartreuse foliage and lavender-blue flowers in late summer and early autumn.

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    Joe Pye weed

    Eutrochium purpureum

    Large, domed flowerheads of pink, light purple, or off-white add soft color and texture to the summer and fall garden.

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    ‘Milk Maid’ nasturtium

    Tropaeolum majus ‘Milk Maid’

    This old-fashioned cultivar of the species has a mounding habit and grows to 12 inches tall and wide.