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‘Rogers’ bottlebrush buckeye

Aesculus parviflora var. serotina 'Rogers'

ESS-kew-lus par-vih-FLOOR-ah variety ser-oh-TY-nah Audio

This is a suckering, deciduous shrub grown for it’s white, bottlebrush-like flowers in early summer. The flowers are considerably longer than those of the species at up to 30 inches, and emerge a couple of weeks later. The shrub grows to 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide and prefers full sun to partial shade and moist, well-drained soil. Its layers of broad leaves turn gold in fall.Suitable for a medium to large garden.

CarePartial shade is preferred, but full sun is tolerated with adequate moisture. Prune out deadwood and crossing branches in late winter/early spring when the shrub is still dormant.

Propagation Propagate by suckers or seed.

Problems Occasionally prone to canker, Japanese beetles, rust, powdery mildew, scale insects.

  • Genus : Aesculus
  • Plant Width : 10 to 15 feet
  • Zones : 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Plant Height : 6 to 10 feet
  • Tolerance : Deer Tolerant
  • Bloom Time : Early Summer, Late Spring
  • Growth Rate : Fast
  • Light : Full Sun
  • Maintenance : Low
  • Moisture : Medium Moisture
  • Plant Type : North American Natives
  • Plant Seasonal Interest : Summer Interest
  • Flower Color : White

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