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Heliotropium arborescens cvs.

hee-lee-oh-TRO-pee-um ar-bor-RES-senz Audio

Heliotrope has a compact form with broadly oval to lance-shaped, wrinkled leaves tinged with purple. In summer, it bears a profusion of deep violet-blue or lavender-blue flowerheads up to 6 inches across. Cultivars vary in height as well as bloom fragrance and color.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsA perennial in warmer climates, it is often grown as an annual where not hardy. Its rich foliage and profuse blooms make it a great choice for summer bedding or windowboxes. In warmer climates, grow at the front of a border or in containers outdoors.

CareProvide full sun and moist, rich, well-drained soil. In hot climates, plants do best with some shade in the afternoon. Soil should be consistently moist.

PropagationFrom seed.

ProblemsSusceptible to whiteflies, rust, and leaf spot.

  • Genus : Heliotropium
  • Plant Height : 1 to 3 feet
  • Plant Width : 1 to 3 feet
  • Zones : 10, 11
  • Plant Type : Annuals
  • Uses : Containers
  • Bloom Time : Early Summer, Late Summer, Summer
  • Characteristics : Fragrant Flowers
  • Light : Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Moisture : Medium Moisture
  • Plant Seasonal Interest : Summer Interest

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