• Chartreuse Foliage Makes a Splash

    Somewhere between green and yellow, chartreuse conjures up various fruity words, like “lime,” “lemon,” “pear,” and “pistachio.” In the garden, it once hovered at the fringes of acceptance, castigated by…

  • 6 Seed-Starting Myths

    Growing plants from seed is one of the few practices that people of all gardening abilities do annually. But whether you are a newbie or someone who has been starting…

  • summer containers with houseplants

    Put Your Houseplants in Your Outside Containers

    We all enjoy a vacation, right? Well, houseplants can benefit from a change of venue, too, but their vacation destination doesn’t need to be limited to an out-of-the-way, sometimes forgotten…

  • Why Won't My Orchid Rebloom?

    Understanding the basic needs of orchids is the secret to spurring new buds

  • How to Use a Fence in a Garden Design

    There are a number of reasons why one would add a fence to the garden. Usually it’s to block a view or keep the family pooch contained. But what about…

  • curved terraces

    Designing with Curved Terraces

    Use this new approach to ensure that your sloped garden looks good from every angle

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