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Photinia  X fraseri

The genus Photinia is made up of deciduous or evergreen shrubs and trees from woodlands and thickets of the Himalayas and eastern Asia. Evergreen species have glossy leaves that are often red when young. Deciduous plants often have nice fall color. Flowers are small but produced in dense flowerheads. They are followed by round, usually red, fruit. Photinia have many uses in the landscape, including in a woodland garden, or as specimens or hedges.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsNew growth is often brightly colored.

CareSite in full sun or part shade in fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Some species need acidic to neutral soil. Prune when dormant.

PropagationSow seed in a cold frame in fall, or root semi-ripe cuttings in summer using bottom heat.

ProblemsCrown gall, mushroom root rot, Botrytis, leaf scorch, Entomosporium leaf spot.

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