The genus Leucophyllum encompasses ten or twelve species of evergreen shrubs with a low-growing, spreading habit. They are native to sandy areas of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico. Foliage is often silvery gray, soft, and wooly, but the main attraction is the bell-shaped, foxglove-like flowers that can bloom profusely. Grow as hedging, in a coastal garden, or in a warm greenhouse.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsEvergreen. Showy, 2-lipped, bell-shaped flowers. Some species bloom after a rain.

CarePlant in full sun and poor, sandy soil. Indoors, grow in full light and provide moderate water year-round.

PropagationPlant seeds in the garden in spring or take greenwood cuttings in early summer.

ProblemsProblems are most prevalent in wet conditions and include stem rot, galls, powdery mildew, scale insects, and root rots.

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