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Lagerstroemia fauriei 'Choctaw'

Lagerstroemia is a genus of 50 species of woodland shrubs and trees from Asia to Australia, where they are often found near rivers. Showy red, pink, purple, or white conical flower clusters have crinkled petals. The bark peels or exfoliates and often appears mottled. The genus includes the popular crape myrtle. Grow Lagerstroemia as specimens, in a group, or as a hedge or screen.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsBrightly colored flower clusters and exfoliating bark.

CareSite in full sun and moderately fertile, well-drained soil. Prune when dormant. Indoors, grow in full light and water freely during the growing season.

PropagationStart seed indoors at 50-55°F in spring. Plants can also be propagated from softwood cuttings in late spring or semi-ripe cuttings in summer. Use bottom heat for the latter.

ProblemsDieback, powdery mildew, aphids, scale insects, mealybugs, whiteflies.

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