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Anthericum saundersiae

About 50 species of rhizomatous perennials native to grassy hillsides in Europe, Turkey, and Africa make up this genus. Leaves are narrow and grass-like. Flowers, borne mainly in spring and summer, are small but attractive and resemble white lilies. They bloom on strong stems and are great for cutting. Grow Anthericum in a border or naturalized in grass.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsSmall, white, lily-like flowers and interesting brown fruits. Good for naturalizing and cutting.

CarePlant in full sun in most any soil that is fertile and well-drained.

PropagationDivide in spring as growth starts or sow seed in a cold frame in autumn or spring. (They may take 3 years to bloom from seed.)

ProblemsRust, slugs, and snails may damage plants.

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