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Removing Woody Invasive Plants

Chloe_Moderator | Posted in Northeast Gardening on

With our first substantial snow fall, I finally had the opportunity to get out in the woods and cut down a few Tree of Heaven saplings I’d been staring at all summer. They were surrounded by blackberry brambles, which I’m loath to cut because they’re a native species that can compete with the invasive multiflora rose, so I waited for a good snow to bend the blackberries down and allow me surer footing. While I was out, I cut lots of burning bush as well, first cutting, then painting with glyphosate. Do you contend with woody invasive plants on your property? It’s an easier time of year to get at them!


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    Chloe_Moderator | | #1

    Here's a guide to invasive plants in our area and their control methods.

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    You said to paint the stump with glyphosate. I only find the spray. Is there a different product that can be used with a brush? Thank you.

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