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Most fragrant plants?

Dan_Southwest | Posted in Southwest Gardening on

What plants can you count on for fragrance in your garden, even through the long summer months?


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    Dan_Southwest | | #1

    I have to have some fragrance in the garden. In fact, if a beautiful rose has no scent, I'm not interested. But through the summer heat one of my favorites is the sweet almond bush, Aloysia virgata. Its light sweet scent seems designed for the warm evening air that can waft softly through a southwestern garden.There are plenty of others...

    What's your favorite?

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    CAlexander | | #2

    None of my fragrant plants are fragrant yet! Moved into a new house in February and planted a bunch so maybe everyone is still acclimating? But this season neither the blue moon wisteria, nor the lavender (I've got 'Hidcote', 'Grosso', and 'Jean Davis'), nor my hardy jasmine has bloomed! Maybe next year?

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      Dan_Southwest | | #3

      What area do you garden in? If they are healthy otherwise, next year should be closer to your expectations. Lavender is one of those incredibly aromatic plants that you only notice when you trim it or brush against it, but the jasmine may make up for it! What variety of jasmine did you plant?

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    Plantswoman | | #4

    I garden part time in Northwest Arizona. I love the smell of the sages after a rain. I've planted several in my new garden.

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