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Deep root watering in winter?

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Has anyone tried deep root watering in winter? Any lessons learned? Especially curious whether you can do when temps are under 40F


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    DrPulte_Moderator | | #1

    I'm not a mountain west gardener. However, I would say when temps drop you should be mindful of not overwatering.

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    maryannnewcomer | | #2

    Hi there! My general advice: make sure everything is watered well BEFORE you have your sprinkler system blown out/shut down for the season. I am in Boise, ID, and our sprinklers were turned off Nov 1. We had a good rain last weekend, and everything seems to be well watered and the moisture is good down to about 6 inches. If that changes, I would figure out a way to deep water the shrubs/trees that need to be watered.

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