How to Propagate Euphorbia

Fine Gardening – Issue 191

Most of the evergreen types of euphorbias will self-sow when the correct conditions present themselves. New seedlings can be removed  from the plant when young. The non-evergreen types can be divided like most perennials in early spring or in early autumn. Evergreen and woody species can easily be grown from cuttings using these steps too.

Step 1

In spring before the flower buds emerge, take tip cuttings off the plant. They should be at least 1 inch long.

Step 2

Remove several leaves from the bottom of each cutting.

Step 3

Wash off the milky sap from the cuttings in cold water. Allow the cuttings to dry for at least a day and up to a week.

Step 4

Dip the end of each cutting into rooting hormone.

Step 5

Stick the bottom end of each cutting into a pot filled with potting mix and water. The cuttings should root within two weeks.


Photos: Danielle Sherry

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