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  • cushion spurge

    All About Growing Euphorbia

    I’ve grown a fair share of hardy and tender plants from the genus Euphorbia, but truth be told, I’ve only scratched the surface. Comprising one of the largest plant families…

  • Design

    Great Euphorbias

    I’ll never forget my first visit to England thirty years ago. It was April, and the first garden I set foot in was the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. The…

  • How-To

    Euphorbia Care and Quirks

    Euphorbias, commonly known as spurges, are very easy to grow. They all need at least six hours of full sun, but more is generally better. Plants that don’t get enough…

  • How-To

    How to Propagate Euphorbia

    Most of the evergreen types of euphorbias will self-sow when the correct conditions present themselves. New seedlings can be removed  from the plant when young. The non-evergreen types can be…

  • How-To

    The Dos and Don’ts of Pruning Euphorbia

    Euphorbia growth is either caulescent (having stems above ground all year) or acaulescent (having only seasonal stems above ground). A third group of spurges, less common, stays woody year-round. These…

  • Container Plantings in the Shade Yield a Spectacular Garden

    Create a Spectacular Shade Garden With Containers

    You don't need a lot of sun or even access to the soil to have a lovely garden

  • Design

    Weave a Garden of Self-Sown Splendor

    Letting nature have a strong hand yields a garden of untamed beauty

  • window box design

    Inventive Window Box Planter Ideas

    Make a creative difference with these four design tips