Regional Picks: Plants that Glow in Evening Light

Fine Gardening – Issue 176

How do you design a garden that looks good both day and night? During the day, we can rely on color and texture to do the work of creating interest. To do the same in the evening hours, however, requires consideration and thoughtful plant selection and placement to make the most of soft even light. Ideally, our gardens would stand out in whatever light conditions exist so that we can enjoy them as much as would like. In Garden Design that Looks Great After Hours, C.L. Fornari says,

“After dark, those same reds and slender leaves will recede into the shadows. Pale yellows and pinks can remain visible into the evening, but blues and purples will disappear quickly as evening fades into night. Green foliage fades to gray and then black. White remains the most perceptible color from evening into night, so strategically place variegated plants and those with white flowers where they’ll be visible as the sun goes down.”

While these plants don’t actually glow, the addition of the below species to your garden can help capture light and add beauty and interest to your landscape during the evening hours.