• late summer flowers around a small table and chairs

    Gardening Through Intense Weather

    Today we’re visiting with Kim Herdman, in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada, who has had a difficult gardening year. Fortunately, many of the plants managed to pull through and perform…

  • big mass of sunflowers

    A Sunflower Festival

    Today, regular GPOD contributor Cherry Ong from British Columbia, Canada, is sharing photos from a trip she took recently. Thought your readers would enjoy some photos from my visit to…

  • Episode 94: Bulbs On Our Shopping List

    Episode 94: Bulbs on Our Shopping List

    Fall is a wonderful time of year for gardeners for so many reasons. The weather finally cools down, so you can actually weed and prune without breaking a sweat. Many…

  • How-To

    Northwest September Garden To-Do List

    September in the Pacific Northwest is a very transitory time. The garden wants to continue summer but is also headed into fall. The two distinct chore paths for gardeners can…

  • How-To

    Northern Plains September Garden To-Do List

    Prep houseplants for moving back indoors. As temperatures begin to cool and days get shorter, begin readying your houseplants that have spent the summer outside for winter indoors by moving…

  • How-To

    Northern California September Garden To-Do List

    With days getting shorter and an occasional touch of morning chill in the air, September begins to feel like fall. In both the ornamental and the edible garden, it's time…

  • naturalistic garden

    A Naturalistic Garden Is Better for the Environment and Requires Less Work

    Many gardens elicit a “Geez, how did they do this?” response. It is not because of massive hardscape or Versailles-level precision; rather, it is more of the sense that these…

  • lilac and other spring blooms in front of water

    Spring in British Columbia

    Today Bruce and Suzanne Pearce are sharing their garden with us. We live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Here are some photos of our spring garden. Despite…

  • raised beds next to a fenced garden bed

    Gardens of a Philadelphia Townhouse

    I am Rich from Philadelphia. I am sharing some images from the gardens of our 1812 Federal-style townhouse. There is a front yard, which is located in the middle of…

  • Galanthus Gala zoom 2021

    Online Gardening Events Are More Accessible Than Ever

    Throughout 2020 and 2021 many things have changed. We have learned new ways to greet each other, how to read eyes instead of smiles, and how to simply communicate differently.…