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  • roots for propagation

    Easy Plant Propagation Shortcuts

    I don’t know about you, but plant propagation has always felt like a mystery to me. There are so many ways to propagate, and each plant has different wants and…

  • dahlias for pollinators

    The Best Dahlias for Pollinators in Northern California

    Growing and maintaining a healthy pollinator garden begins with a commitment to organic practices (including complete avoidance of pesticides) and to supplying year-round nourishment for your garden's beneficial insects. From…

  • orienpet lilies

    Tips for Working With Summer Bulbs

    Adding bulbs, corms, and tubers to garden beds is a little different from planting typical perennials or annuals. Here are a few tips to help ensure a bountiful summer-bulb display.…

  • summer bulbs

    8 Summer Bulbs That Every Garden Needs

    Summer bulbs are a bit of garden magic, a trick you can keep up your sleeve to transform beds that have become too sleepy and predictable. They are perfect for…

  • close up of Japanese maple with ferns behind

    High Spring in Carla’s Garden

    We’ve visited the garden of Carla Zambelli Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvania, many times. Most recently she shared the early blooms of spring with us (Celebrating Spring With Carla). Today, we’re…

  • small low-growing purple flowers

    Spring in Northern Indiana

    It is your GPOD editor, Joseph, here today, sharing some images of spring in my garden and around town where I live in northern Indiana. One of my favorite daffodil…

  • nodding spring flowers

    Spring in Margot’s Garden

    We’ve visited Margot’s beautiful garden before when the snowdrops were in bloom (Snowdrop Magic in Margot's Garden), but today she’s sharing with us the treasures of her spring garden, which…

  • Design

    Early Spring in Brigitta’s Garden

    This is your GPOD editor, Joseph, and a few days ago I drove up to Michigan to visit my friend Brigitta Stewart. She runs a small mail-order nursery called Arrowhead…

  • bulb lawn

    Grow a Beautiful Spring Bulb Lawn

    As we head into the spring months after a cold and snowy winter, most of us in the Midwest are looking at drab expanses of turf that are still coming…

  • clump of bright yellow daffodils

    Celebrating Spring With Carla, Part 2

    Today we’re back in Malvern, Pennsylvania, celebrating spring with frequent GPOD contributor Carla Zambelli Mudry. A little birdhouse brings cheerful color all year long and will, no doubt, soon be…