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  • summer squash pests and diseases

    Solutions for Summer Squash Pests and Diseases

    Summer squash are relatively easy to grow, but there are several insect pests and diseases that can afflict the plants. Initial control of the following pests, especially cucumber beetles, is…

  • Magda zucchini before harvest
    Kitchen Gardening

    10 Tasty Zucchini Varieties for Your Vegetable Garden

    Summer squash is one of my favorite home garden crops because they are easy to grow, and one planting will last an entire season in most locales. The types stocked…

  • Design

    If You Like Heirloom Vegetables, You’ll Love These New Varieties

    Many gardeners, including myself, grow older, classic, or heirloom varieties of vegetables. We have many reasons for doing so. Some may be sentimental reasons, such as we obtained the seeds…

  • ‘Orient Express’ eggplant

    Fast-Growing Vegetable Varieties for Short-Season Regions

    Gardening in regions with cool, short summers like the Pacific Northwest and northern New England can create challenging conditions for heat-loving crops. For folks in the extreme South, heat can…

  • Colorful arrangement of sweet peppers

    Easy-to-Grow Sweet Peppers

    Growing sweet peppers at home is easy, fun, and rewarding. Besides the ever-popular bell peppers that ripen from green to red, there are bells of different sizes and colors and…

  • Various melons in a box

    How to Grow Melons

    One of the greatest tasty treats of summer is a sweet, vine-ripened melon picked from your own garden. The quality is unsurpassed and will put to shame the bland shipping…