Sarah Partyka

  • Deadheading Begonia in Hanging basket with Helichrysum

    Out-of-the-Ordinary Containers for Shade

    Do you feel like once you’ve seen one shady container design, you’ve really seen them all? I often feel that way, and I have no excuse for monotony since I…

  • Add herbs to your container designs

    Add Herbs to Your Container Designs

    Tucking in tasteful additions can make your designs more attractive Containers offer a simple solution for anyone who likes to have delicious, fresh herbs close at hand. You could pot…

  • Design

    Start With a Star: Container Design Tips

    Surrounding a dramatic “thriller” with the right supporting cast is a time-honored formula for container garden success. If you want to freshen up your potted displays, look for show-stoppers to…

  • Article

    Autumn Pots Minus the Mums

    Fall mums are great, no doubt about it. They’re cheery and inexpensive, and they make a colorful impact when most plants are fading into fall oblivion. But come November, aren’t…

  • Article

    Pansies Make Perfect Pots

    Finding the right companions is the key to keeping these springtime containers looking good—even into summer

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    Take a Fresh Approach to Pansies

    Pansies and poinsettias have a lot in common. Most people (gardeners included) view them as disposable plants—enjoyed for a few short weeks and then tossed aside. Although everyone is excited…

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    Window Boxes for Tricky Situations

    Why don’t people plant window boxes? This is a question I often ask myself on Saturday mornings at my garden center. There’s usually no shortage of excited gardeners filling carts…