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  • DIY garden structures

    Three Garden Structures You Can Build

    Lashed poles, hoops,l and sticks give vining beans and tomatoes handsome support. These structures, from the gardens of historic Old Salem, a Moravian village in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, are a…

  • How to Grow Watermelons

    How to Grow Watermelons

    Make room for the sweet crunch of watermelons. They can even be coaxed to grow up trellises in smaller gardens.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Build a Cold Frame with a Lightweight Lid

    Get a plan, materials list, and step-by-step instructions for building an easy-to-manage, self-venting cold frame lid.

  • Garden Lifestyle


    Blend yourself a quick and nutritious cold drink with fruits, berries, and even vegetables from the garden. Get delicious recipes, or use the suggested ingredients here to concoct your own…

  • Garden Lifestyle

    Summer Squash Sauté

    Quick cooking is the ticket for light, flavorful summer fare.

  • a cool gardening season
    Garden Lifestyle

    A Winter Vegetable Garden in Northern California

    If your climate is right, you can keep your garden going all winter with cool-weather crops that can't take the summer heat: peas, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, and other salad…

  • Give Your Vegetables a Thai Twist
    Garden Lifestyle

    Give Your Vegetables a Thai Twist

    A few special seasonings turn American vegetables into vibrant Asian fare.

  • How to Grow Fine, Tender Filet Beans
    Kitchen Gardening

    How to Grow Fine, Tender Filet Beans

    Regular watering, frequent picking, and the right varieties yield a connoisseur's harvest.

  • Garden Lifestyle

    Cool Kitchen Garden Containers

    If you're bored by terra-cotta planters, you'll love these creative ideas for garden containers seen at an avant-garde festival in France's Loire Valley.

  • Garden Lifestyle

    Using Asparagus in Season and Beyond

    There are many ways to prepare fresh asparagus. If you want to enjoy it when it's out of season, try this simple pickling technique.