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    Tips for Designing with Trees in the Garden

    As a newcomer to our property, I spend untold hours gazing at our land; nearly all that I see are trees. Yes, there’s a field leading down to a swimming…

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    Inspired Design: What Are the Basic Elements of a Garden?

    Perhaps one of the most fundamental questions in landscape design is, after all, What is a garden? What are the basic elements of a garden? Most people would immediately answer:…

  • Landscaping Ideas That Work

    Home Outside Palette App: Ask An Expert

    At JMMDS we love using our app to help people design their home landscapes. We created the Home Outside Palette app for homeowners to try out new possibilities for their…

  • Landscaping Ideas That Work

    Conveying Energy in a Landscape

    Each individual object in a landscape—whether a building, a plant, a path, or a view—holds and expresses energy.

  • Landscaping Ideas That Work

    The Lure of Little Houses

    I've long been a collector of little houses. As a young girl, I'd make stick forts in the woods, set up house under the baby grand piano, and imagine inhabiting…

  • Landscaping Ideas That Work

    The Importance of Native Plants

    Important information for gardeners: native plants species from foreign lands, and native insects are a major food source for native birds and so on up the food chain.

  • Landscaping Ideas That Work

    Word of Mouth

    I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the intelligent and gracious Virginia Prescott for New Hampshire Public Radio’s Word of Mouth. I spoke with Virginia about Landscaping Ideas…

  • stepping stone path in garden
    Landscaping Ideas That Work

    Nothing More Fun: Stepping-Stone Paths

    There's nothing more fun than designing a stepping stone path! Here are some pointers for choreographing a journey through the landscape.

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    The Value of Voluptuous Curves

    Curvilinear borders, walls, beds, and paths add pleasing lines to gardens. I’ll admit it. When I have a hard time convincing a client to let me create the sweeping arcs,…

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    Inspired Design: Living Lightly on the Land

    Environmentally responsible design principles for home and garden