Jodi Torpey

Jodi is a garden writer, certified master gardener and author of “The Colorado Gardener’s Companion: An Insider’s Guide to Gardening in the Centennial State.”

She has a special interest in helping other gardeners learn how to cultivate successful gardens in challenging environments. As a Colorado native, she has first-hand gardening experience dealing with poor soil conditions, extreme temperature fluctuations, intense sunlight and the lack of reliable precipitation.

Her favorite topics include xeriscaping, using native plants in the landscape, planting vegetable and container gardens, conserving water in the landscape, creating backyard habitats and gardening with her dog, Rufus T. Smudge.

In addition to her book, Jodi’s writing is published on home and gardening websites, in national magazines and regional newspapers. She also manages her own website and blog,, an online guide to gardening in the West. Follow her on Twitter @WesternGardener

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    Fire Fly tomatoes live up to their All-America Selections billing as 2019 winners. It’s easy to see how these yellow-white fruits earned their name.

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    Slow Food Nations Grows Healthy Kids

    As in past years, the Slow Food Nations festival featured special displays to encourage kids to eat their vegetables. Part of that strategy is to help them learn to grow…