Jeff Gillman


Jeff Gillman, PhD, author of The Truth About Organic Gardening, is the director of the University of North Carolina Charlotte Botanical Gardens and .

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    Should I Mulch in Fall to Protect Perennials for Winter?

    There is no doubt that mulching builds soil, reduces the need to water, and helps control weeds. But what does it do to protect plants from the cold? In many…

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    Bring in the Beneficials

    Gardens for butterflies and bees are easy. Dozens of books, magazine articles, and websites out there will guide you through lists of pollinator-friendly plants like butterfly bush (Buddleia spp. and…

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    Which Pruner Is Right for You?

    Of all the tools on the garden-center shelf, there is nothing more variable in style and appearance than pruners. It’s worth your time to consider different styles and brands to…

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    Water-Soluble Fertilizers

    If you have ever shopped for fertilizer for your plants, then you know the wide variety of options available. Water-soluble fertilizers are popular, often because they seem easy to work…

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    Potting Soil Put to the Test

    In their natural environment, plants get everything they need to stay healthy from the soil: water, nutrients, and air. Most well-established plants living in soil rarely need more than an…

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    Get the Right Light

    Serious gardeners love to get their seeds going in trays before spring for a number of reasons: to extend the growing season, to provide optimal germination conditions, to try unusual…

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    Setting the Record Straight on Glyphosate

    Every summer, I pull weeds from the gravel under our deck, and last summer was no exception. First, I pulled the big weeds, then I began pulling the smaller ones.…