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Zach’s garden in Panama

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Zach Daudert

The tropical gardens are coming out of the woodwork, and I can barely restrain myself from calling a travel agent. Today’s photos are from Zach Daudert in Panama!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Zach Daudert

Zach says, “‘This is my garden in El Valle de Anton, Panama. I’ve been working on the garden for about 5 years now. I’m originally from Colorado so I had to learn a lot about my new tropical environment and all the plants. The great thing is that anything will grow here! El Valle (the valley in English) is a wonderful little village located inside the caldera of an extinct volcano so we have rich volcanic soil.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Zach Daudert

“The property is just under 1/2 acre in size. I have designed the garden into different spaces; a water garden off the back patio, an herb and vegetable garden, and various ornamental gardens. I recently created a yin/yang rock garden as well. I am always cruising nurseries and taking hikes, hunting for new additions – I can’t resist having one of everything, which is a real design challenge.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Zach Daudert

Well, I can’t find any evidence of one-of-each-itis in this garden, Zach. It’s so restful and beautiful. And that’s a gorgeous pup, too! Thanks so much for sharing. And feel free to send us more photos of gardens in Panama!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Zach Daudert
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Zach Daudert
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Zach Daudert
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Zach Daudert

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  1. terieLR 01/14/2013

    Paradise in Panama! We must have circled your lovely home by visually following these paths Zack. The arbor's entrance set me up for a joyful jaunt. Your garden border is packed full of interesting textures with tall large-leaf tropical trophies. With coffee in hand I too was admiring your dog-friend. Happy Monday to all. :)

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/14/2013

    All very lovely, Zach, but also intriguing... I think we need more pictures! Is the stone lined cascade an extension of your wonderful pond? And, if so, where does it end up? Or,perhaps, more correctly, where does it begin? What is the groundcover in the first picture?...the uniformity of it contributes so nicely to the feeling of tranquility the pond communicates plus is looks like a great weed suppressor.
    Yes, I agree with Michelle, your garden does not give off the impression of one-itis at all. Maybe it helps that everything is so lush and intertwined.

  3. tractor1 01/14/2013

    A vast difference fom Colorado to Panama and not just gardening. That's really a lovely landscape, we must see more pictures.

  4. sheila_schultz 01/14/2013

    Zack, your lush plantings make me want to shed a layer or two this cold morning in CO! You must be having the best time gardening in Panama...thanks for starting our GPOD week off with a bit of tropical heaven!

  5. user-7006902 01/14/2013

    I love how you've weaved those branches to form an edging ... inspiring and I may have to try your idea on a new bed I'm creating although I am far, far from Panama. Beautiful, lush garden! Meditative – love your yin yang rock garden. Can almost hear that trickling water. Beautiful dog, too. Thank you for sharing.

  6. NevadaSue 01/14/2013

    Zach, where do I start....It is beautiful! I love how you have used the rock work to go along with the rock on the pillars and the house. The water fall is wonderful with the wide brim and the water trickling over. And the plants are amazing! That Burgundy philodendron climbing the tree with the split leaf one is so unusual, I love it. You have done a wonderful job collecting beautiful plants and giving them a wonderful home. It makes me want to start packing immediately. Thank you for sharing and I'm anxious to see more.

  7. passwords 01/14/2013

    Just can't begin to imagine having all these beautiful flowers and gardens all year long. Thanks so much for sharing with us during our cold weather here in IL. Your garden is lovely.

  8. MizScarlet 01/14/2013

    Seeing this much lush green turns me green with envy. We've had near tropical weather in the Southeast lately, but I dare not assume it will last. All I can do is dream and plan for a future still months away. Thanks for sharing and providing images for future dream works.

  9. panamazach 01/14/2013

    Hi everyone.

    Thanks so much for the kind comments! Panama and El Valle in particular really is a wonderful place to garden. Also, my gardener, Alveo who does a lot of the maintenance deserves a bunch of credit!

    I have a few more photos at the link below including a couple "before" photos of the lot right before the house was built in 2007.

    And here is a time lapse video I put together:

    meander1: that stone lined cascade is drainage. All the gutters for the roof and the pond overflow into that "ditch" and then out into the ditches along the road. There is a similar ditch on the other side of the house too and a few more buried. It can rain like crazy here - often a few inches in less than an hour. The ground cover in that first shot is a type of peanut plant. It's very nice and has tiny yellow flowers almost year round.



  10. tractor1 01/15/2013

    Zach: Your time lapse video is wonderful! You created a tremedous amount in a very short time. Thank you.

  11. NevadaSue 01/15/2013

    Thanks for the time lapse it was great. We lived in Malawi for some years and your garden reminds me of ours there with many of the same plants Thanks for sharing.

  12. GailOakes 01/15/2013

    My daughter-in-law and her husband live in Panama City, and I remember driving up the mountain to El Valle to tour a botanical garden. It was so delightful to be out of the oppressive heat of the city! Your garden is beautiful and I am so happy to see green, instead of the soggy snow here in upstate New York! Thanks for reminding us of summer.

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  14. jojopittsburgh 08/09/2014

    Zach, I'm looking for a good gardening book on Panama, as I am in the process of moving to Boquete, Panama. Any recommendations? I also notice the plant names in Panama differ from the names we use for the same plant in the U.S. What do you recommend when asking for a certain plant in Panama? I've heard taking a leave or picture to the nursery rather than asking for something by "name". Has that been your experience?

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