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Ann’s garden in Minnesota

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick

Today’s photo are from Ann McCormick. She says, “My garden is in Crosslake, Minnesota, which is north of Brainerd. It was plagued by deer so I built a fence from small trees we had cleared on our property. With an almost weekly spray of liquid fence the garden is free of deer.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick

“I rely on perennials with pops of color from annuals. I use containers of them to fill in when perennial flowers fade. The star performer this year was Angelica gigas. You can see one of them growing in front of the red wheel rim that is mounted on the fence.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick

I love your use of found objects, Ann, the gate and the painted wheel rim are especially super! Thanks so much for sharing.

OK, everyone, pickings are slim. Send me some pics of your garden travels or of your garden last season!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick
Angelica gigas. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ann McCormick

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  1. PeonyFan 01/25/2013

    I love that fence! So creative, keeping the side branches to make a lattice. It's like sculpture.

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 01/25/2013

    I agree! The wonderful fence and great use of found objects help to make your garden a winner!

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/25/2013

    Your fence is genius, Ann. I am so glad it worked because, although it was probably fun to do, no doubt it took a lot of time and effort. It fits your setting so perfectly since things look woodsy right outside its perimeter. You're lucky the deer haven't decided to test out their jumping muscles to to get to the alluring buffet bar of beautiful colors and scents ( and to them, tastes). Love the objects you've used for ornamentation....yup, everything is genius!

  4. BethTW 01/25/2013

    Is the gate a headboard?! super cool! love your style.

  5. tractor1 01/25/2013

    So reminiscent of those Three Little Pigs, one with a fence of sticks to keep the baddies at bay. Those sticks make for a very inconspicuous deer fence, I like it.

  6. wGardens 01/25/2013

    I, too, love your garden and use of found objects. Sure entices one to look in every corner to see what surprises may be waiting to be discovered! Thanks so much for sharing!Wish I could visit!

  7. rwotzak 01/25/2013

    So many great, whimsical details! Now I know what to do with that old iron bed frame I have in my barn!

  8. gramamarg 01/25/2013

    I usually don't like fences, but know they are a necessity. But this is the most beautiful fence i've ever seen. I love the fact that you didn't have to go to a lumber store and spend a lot of money. the plants look wonderful with it as the backdrop.

  9. user-7006902 01/25/2013

    Just love your fence Ann! It frames your garden perfectly.

  10. terieLR 01/25/2013

    I see why Angelica gigas stole the show last summer. Your hard work rewarded you with a wonderful garden of treasures to enjoy from that screened-in porch. I can only imagine what it looks like with snow on those sculptured fence branches.

  11. Steepdrive 01/25/2013

    I so love the fence. I have so much wood here that I could something similar very easily. Thank you for the inspiration. And the found objects add such a nice touch.

  12. cwheat000 01/25/2013

    It is so hard to get a fence to blend into its surroundings. I think you created a real winner.

  13. sheila_schultz 01/25/2013

    What a functional and very practical art installation you have surrounding your gardens Ann, how fun! The weathered iron headboard is definitely the coolest gate I have ever seen... I'll bet it will serve as an inspiration for a few gates around the country come spring! Thanks for the smiles this morning.

  14. KVgarden 01/25/2013

    Ann, I love every bit of your garden! Thanks for sending these wonderful photos.

  15. hostaholic 01/25/2013

    Ann, that fence is an absolutely perfect fit in your wooded garden. I love it! The gate fits it so well. I'm also a fan of Angelica gigas. It always stops garden visitors in their tracks. I also love how the seedlings pop up in unexpected places, often better placed by nature than I could ever hope to. Hats off to a fellow Minnesotan! Stay warm up there.

  16. Annesfirst 01/25/2013

    Your fence is the most beautiful one I've ever seen. The extra value comes when it starts to decompose. You can grind the old pieces up into mulch. Perfect recycling!

  17. NevadaSue 01/26/2013

    Ann, I absolutely love the fence! It seems perfect for a wooded area too. I'm just enjoying your whole garden and forest beyond. The Daisy (Black eyed Susan I think) with the pastel colors surrounding it is so cheery. I keep going back to have another look. I've never grown an Angelina but yours is beautiful and makes me think I should try. I must also say the gate is a winner! I love how you have used found objects to create a beautiful space. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  18. mksbrown 01/26/2013

    Lovely garden. My daughter lives in Minneapolis so it is fun to see what a home gardener does in that area.

  19. CJgardens 01/28/2013

    Ann, I hope you don't mind having one more fellow gardener comment on how beautiful your rustic fence is. I may copy your wonderful idea in my sister's woodland garden. I definitely could enjoy an afternoon or evening (or two) on your screened-in porch. Great job!

  20. priscanello1 07/17/2013

    Can you tell me what liquid fence is and where do you get it, i also have problems with dear. thanks

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