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Heather’s garden in Antiqua

Bougainvillea, dracaena, tai plants, butterfly bush
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell

Last Friday we got to see Joy Farrell’s garden in Antiqua, and that encouraged her to send in photos of her friend Heather’s garden nearby.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell

Joy says, “Here are pictures of my friend Heather’s garden in Antigua. The house is just over three years old but the garden looks very mature. Heather is surprised at how quickly the garden has taken off and is always surprised at the number of compliments she receives.

Pampas grass, bromeliads, crown of thorns, Moses in the basket. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell

“The plants are huge and very well developed and it is hard to believe that the gigantic Niems tree in the front yard is just a youngster. She has an amazing collection of ceramics and terracotta pots which are seen interspersed throughout the home and garden, highlighting quiet spots and providing a complimentary backdrop for the plants.

Bridal bouquet. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell

“Even the garage entryway is spectacular with yellow bells vine to the front and the cup of gold chalice vine to the back. The garage entry is offset by a theatrical display of a potted philodendron and palm. It’s not shown here, but the backdrop to this beautiful garden is a panoramic ocean view.”

Picture of the view, please! Take pity on us poor snowbound souls, Joy…. and tell heather we love her garden!

Potted bromeliads and fern. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell
Potted plant display in gallery. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell
Copper water feature with water lilies. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell
Potted plants. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell
Philodendron. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell
Cluster of tai plants. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Joy Farrell

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  1. KVgarden 01/02/2013

    Somehow I missed seeing this beautiful garden. I just accidentally found it while looking for today's photos. Like Michelle, we too have snow on the ground and seeing your photos of your neighbors garden was a real treat. Thank you! Kathy

  2. charlotteA 01/03/2013

    Everything is beautiful. I have a question about the philodendron plant. It doesn't look anything like my house plants that are philodendron.

  3. dukeofargy 01/03/2013

    Beautiful. I have not been to this area, but I'm thinking it should be added to my "bucket list". I really like the bridal bouquet.

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/03/2013

    Good thing I don't have a travel agent on speed dial...these pictures today and Joys's from Friday certainly show a beautiful tropical paradise that is very appealing.
    OK, I have to ask even though I should be embarrassed at my ignorance does it work for, say, a butterfly bush that in our climates goes through dormancy in winter. Does it just bloom and bloom (and bloom) in a climate like that found in Antigua? Do plants have a shorter lifespan in tropical climates because they don't have a forced winter rest period? They obviously are gloriously robust and look like they are singing the refrain of the old Bobby McFerrin song, "Don't worry. Be happy"
    Thanks, Joy and Heather, for this round of spirit lifting photos.

  5. boards 01/03/2013

    I always want to know the names of plants. Is there any way you cold have the photographers "tag" their photos?
    Mountain Gardener where is it cold and raining!

  6. sheila_schultz 01/03/2013

    I can feel the ocean breeze, I can feel the ocean breeze... well, it worked for a moment! Thanks for the momentary respite from winter, Joy and Heather.

  7. NevadaSue 01/03/2013

    Joy your pictures of Heathers garden make me homesick for my tropical African garden from about 20 yrs ago. We lived in Malawi for 3 years and the plants there were to maturity in a yr. I had so much fun landscaping a hospital there. We often propagated our own plants by just sticking them in some soil, it was wonderfully fun . Thanks you for showing us this beautiful garden. The vine over the driveway arch is mazing and I love that hot pink plant..can't remember the name.

    Meander 1 I'm not Joy but when we lived in Africa the plants that I thought were just small shrubs were huge there. They just keep growing and often have to be pruned to keep them from taking over. The cool season was just not as abundant with flowers or they just go through their normal cycle. I had a gardenia in the garden that was 10 ft tall and leaves only on the top 2 ft. I cut it down to about 3 ft. and even though people told me it would die it came out thick with leaves and blooms in about 4 months. Sometimes the rains are so abundant it becomes a problem for the plants though. It can be a gardeners paradise.

    Joy do the rains leach the soil so the plants suffer there at times?

  8. tractor1 01/03/2013

    Wonderful... and here in the snowy Catskills it was minus two degrees this morning... and even though I was vaccinated I'm fighting the flu.

  9. cwheat000 01/04/2013

    Your garden is so pretty. I have grown many of the plants in your garden as houseplants. The ti plant I used in two of my containers last year in place of a spike ( dracenea). It is amazing the leaf of a plant could be that color. It must be fun to grow all these plants outside and they look much larger and happier there. Well done!

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