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Wreath Inspiration from Williamsburg

Creative holiday decorations

This is Kevin Kelly, and I have posted photos of my garden in the past. With the holidays approaching, I thought I would share photos of some of the beautiful hand-made wreaths at Colonial Williamsburg. I was just there and had a wonderful time. I hope they bring on the holiday spirit.

Pine branches and holly make a traditional base for this wreath, and then lemons studded with cloves make an unexpected and beautiful accent… bet it smells amazing too!

Not just conifers can be a base of a wreath… the glossy, everygreen leaves of Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora, Zone 7 – 11 ) are the foundation of this one, accented with citrus, pomegranate, and juniper berries.

Or you can get really creative, as with this wreath made from paper roses!

Fresh apples add color, and there is the added interest and texture of dried flowers – it looks like dried sunflowers and cardoon (Cynara cardunculus, Zone 7 – 10 or as annual)

More dried flowers fill in the center of this wreath, and the whole thing is accented with various cones and dried seed heads. Lots of cool materials to be found in most gardens one you start looking.

Dried flowers feature prominently here too, and beautifully dried citrus – each one is slashed along the length and then dried, so the will be long-lasting on the wreath, and the cuts in the skin make a beautiful pattern.

Love this amazing creation… can it even be called a wreath? Made from the dried heads of what looks like wheat or maybe barley, accented with okra seed pods, and the center filled with pomegranate and artichokes. It looks like nearly everything on this is from an edible plant, but reimagined as beautiful art.

The wreath itself here is quiet simple – some pine branches, burlap, and a few black decorations. Sometimes less is more!

And here is the other extreme: More is more! Tons of dried flowers, and fruit, combined with shells, fabric, and dramatic peacock feathers!


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  1. user-7821942 12/18/2023

    Wow! Love these wreaths from Williamsburg, VA. The wheat creation and the peacock extravaganza are my favorites. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. imajayhawk 12/18/2023

      My pleasure. I have never visited Colonial Williamsburg in December, so I was taken back by the gorgeous wreaths.

  2. User avater
    simplesue 12/18/2023

    I had no idea Colonial Williamsburg had a big wreath tradition, I like the idea of the citrus and cloves wreath! Scent is such a bonus when seeing a pretty wreath. Thanks for sharing, I intend to visit Colonial Williamsburg again on day, it's been decades since I've been there.

    1. imajayhawk 12/18/2023

      I never visited here in December, so I too was amazed at the lovely wreaths.

  3. User avater
    cynthia2020 12/18/2023

    Thanks for sharing, Kevin! I like the colors peeking out of the inner parts of the paper roses. The photo of the day, which is absolutely beautiful - could maybe be a cross between a wreath and a swag? I don't know if that would be a wrag or a sweath... (insert crazy face emoji here)

    1. imajayhawk 12/18/2023

      My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed the photos

  4. btucker9675 12/18/2023

    Stunning and very inspirational!!

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