How to Make a Holiday Wreath

Video: Danielle Sherry, Produced by Christine Alexander, Edited by Kara Demos


Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus, Zones 3–8)

Norway spruce (Picea abies, Zones 2–7)

Weeping Alaskan cedar (Xanthocyparis nootkatensis ‘Pendula’, Zones 4–7)

‘Golden Mop’ Japanese false cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Golden Mop’, Zones 5–7)

Mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia, Zones 4–9)

What better tasks for a wintry day than making your very own holiday wreath? All you need are a wreath frame, florist wire, pruners, and some evergreen boughs with which to craft the wreath. A few decorative items such as ribbon, pine cones, berries, or whatever you wish to add to give the wreath a more festive air. Learn the basics of wreath making in this video featuring Fine Gardening senior editor Danielle Sherry.


10- or 12-inch box wreath frame

22-gauge florist wire

Assorted greens



Pine cones and/or berries (optional)



Step 1: Secure the starting end of the wire to the frame.

Step 2: Cut pieces of assorted greens 6–8 inches long, making small bundles.

Step 3: Wrap the small bundles to the frame using wire.

Step 4: Be sure the last bundle is a bit longer to hide the beginning bundle’s stems.

Step 5: Knot off the end of the wire, and create a loop to hang the wreath (using the excess wire).

Step 6: Make a bow, and secure it to the wreath using more wire.

Step 7: Add berries and/or pine cones for extra flare.


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    EmmanuelMiles 02/28/2020

    Interesting! Thanks for a wonderful wreath.

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