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What to do with all those pumpkins you grew this year…

Photo: Michelle Gervais

OK, so I know this is only loosely related to gardening, but I thought I’d share, once again, this truly original Halloween display courtesy of our neighbors down the road, Tom & Jeannie Tremont.

Photo: Michelle Gervais

Last year, if you’ll recall, the pumpkin people were riding bicycles. Well, this year they’re playing a friendly game of football… Enjoy!

Photo: Michelle Gervais
Photo: Michelle Gervais
Photo: Michelle Gervais
Photo: Michelle Gervais

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  1. tractor1 10/25/2012

    It's settled, next year I'm planting a pumpkin patch! Maybe next year your neighbor can display their pumpkins at Bikini Beach. LOL

    Walked about in the drizzle yesterday, here's my Acer griseum bark.

  2. pattyspencer 10/25/2012

    Those are funny!

  3. bethnbijoux 10/25/2012

    Love this time of year! Pumpkins just seem to invite a sense of whimsy :) I enjoy seeing your neighbors' Pumpkin People displays!

  4. sheila_schultz 10/25/2012

    Gives new meaning to 'pumpkin buns'! What a gift to have neighbors with a sense of humor ;)

  5. CTpat 10/25/2012

    Hi, Michelle--My GPOD did not come today--I finally went to the web site to pull it up. Have you heard of others having this problem? First time it's happened to me!

    I love the way the "pumpkin people" are just the real-enough size and positions to make people driving by do a double take!

  6. cwheat000 10/26/2012

    My GPOD didn't arrive yesterday either. I love the extreme closeup of the buns.

  7. Christina_Thompson 10/29/2012

    Too funny!

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