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Blame it on Sandy….

Photo: Michelle Gervais

Hey all, as of last night at 8:30 (when I wrote this post), I couldn’t get onto email to get your photos to generate a new post. Darned hurricane.

The good news is that we haven’t had much damage up here in my little corner of northwestern Connecticut! It was blustery all day, and there are lots of branches down, but my house hasn’t lost power yet (knock on wood.) It’s not quite over, and I’m still paranoid about the huge old maples that surround our house (one of which is in rough shape and has been marked by the town to come down.) The coast, on the other hand, looks like it’s in rough shape…

Photo: Michelle Gervais

So, instead of a new batch of photos, I’m giving you an article I wrote for this year’s fall issue, with some fall shots from a few public gardens along the east coast. I’ve attached 2 shots here. Want to see more, and find out what the plants are in these combos? Click HERE.

Hopefully we’ll be back to normal tomorrow or Wednesday. If I have to resort to photos of storm damage on Wednesday, please forgive! 😉

** Reminder: New email address for photo submissions: [email protected]. Use it, people! I can’t wait to see your gardens!! ***

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  1. Deanneart 10/30/2012

    Glad to hear all is well there Michelle.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/30/2012

    Happy to read that your area escaped the worst. So sorry for all those folks and places that have been so negatively impacted by this horrible fall storm.
    After re-enjoying your article on Autumn's Subtle Charms,I was reflecting to myself on how restful I usually find fall. However, in view of the work intensive clean up many will be facing, I will quietly count my blessings and wish others well.

  3. CTpat 10/30/2012

    Yes, we were hit pretty hard here along the coast. We lost power (in Mystic) at 9:10 yesterday morning and don't know when we'll have it back. Fortunately for us, we have a generator which we run for a few hours morning and evening. The most interesting thing about the storm, garden-wise, besides the "major branch pruning," is that my front lawn, which had been covered with leaves, is now empty of them. The leaves have mostly moved to the back yard--closer to the compost heap. We'll just hope the wind doesn't shift too much today.

    Good luck with your old maples, Michelle. We took one of those down after Irene last year and were much less paranoid this time around.

  4. pattyspencer 10/30/2012

    Glad you came out of the storm ok Michelle! I had a tree (silver maple) that I constantly obsessed about in bad weather and I had it trimmed back a couple of years ago - it (and everything else) came thru fine (so far). My leaves were too wet to fly into someone elses yard so it looks like I'll be raking some more when things dry.

    We have a dusting of snow on the ground right now and it's also raining a little. Winds are 24 gusting to 40.

    I hope everyone else faired well.

  5. tractor1 10/30/2012

    So far I haven't lost power (very grateful) but my old APC battery back-up has been cutting out so I'll refrain from staying on line much until the new one arrives. I'm very glad to have had all the big old trees removed had they fallen would have hit the house (seven huge trees removed when I first moved here), everyone else needs to do the same... then plant new trees and of appropriate growing size.

    The damage caused by Sandy is horrendous and will need weeks, even months to repair. I'm very happy so few people were hurt. Everyone, now is the time to tend to any measures for damage control... an ounce of prevention... do not wait until the next time.

    Here is a picture of one of my ornimental pear trees, Redspire. The light was poor due to rain but had I waited all its deep red foilage would have blown away.

  6. cwheat000 10/30/2012

    CTpat-good for you in being able to see a silver lining in all of this. I wrote on yesterday's post, late last night that I moved my car from our driveway, full of trees, to the middle of my field. This morning at 6 am I tried to go to work. My front right tire had sunk into the soft ground and I was going nowhere. Good news where I would have parked, there are 3 sizeable branches. I will have my husband tow me out with his truck later. I feel stupid, but I am super glad my new car wasn't hit, and I get a forced day off from work on my birthday. I am sure my problems are small compared to some. I pray everyone is safe. Michelle I hope your trees have held up. I love the pictures of the two combos you sent. I wonder if anyone has had any success growing that burgandy ornamental millet from seed. I saved a few seed from one I had seen growing elsewhere. I also love the white celosia. Very cool annual, but at times can be a bit over the top in some of the brighter colors. The white is just right.

  7. sheila_schultz 10/30/2012

    Michelle, I am so relieved that your maples stood strong throughout this horrendous storm... My thoughts are also with the rest of you that were in Sandy's path. There is certainly going to be a whole lot of 'gardening' going on along the East Coast for the next few weeks! Take good care everyone.

  8. greengrowler 10/30/2012

    Michelle, I thought of you first thing this a.m. - so glad you are inland enough to escape the hurricane's worst wrath. Your fall photos are gorgeous, btw. Seeing the news clips of the devastation, especially in the NYC area, are horrifying. I'm glad you no longer live on Long Island, too, tractor1.

    cwheatooo - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Think of this as a "found day" and don't do ANY CHORES today!! Only things you enjoy :-) Thoughts of peace go out to all in the NE - stay safe!

  9. annek 10/30/2012

    Once again, gorgeous photos and interesting article. Glad that the East Coast folks seem to be fairing relatively well. Stay safe!

  10. gloriagene 10/30/2012

    "Let the waters settle you will see stars and moon mirrored in your Being."- Rumi
    Michelle, thank you for sharing beauty every morning!
    Gardens are resilient... This year we have survived a tornado and now the hurricane.
    Prayers ascend for all peoples affected in anyway by the storm...An attitude of gratitude and prayers ascend
    for all that did not happen and to all the Government Officials and all the unknown heroes that worked and continue working to heal the damage of the storm…
    "It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life." --Mystery Writer P.D. James

    I rest knowing that autumn will pass and winter will highlight the evergreens, bones of the gardens… spring will bring the wonderful color and beauty of the gardens again! May the dance of all Gardens go on forever along with Michelle’s morning GPD… Find Joy this day. G

  11. TeriCA 10/30/2012

    Glad to know you are safe. My friend and I were talking about how fortunate we are to live in CA! The only things we usually have to deal with are earthquakes! And we all agree out here that we would rather deal with earthquakes, then with tornadoes, hurricanes, and cyclones!! Hope your Maple trees hang in there! And if you have to show us storm damage pictures tomorrow---bring it on! Enjoy reading your posts every day!

  12. TeriCA 10/30/2012

    OH! And TRULY enjoyed the pictures with identifying notes attached!!! THANK YOU!

  13. anaabrantes157 10/30/2012

    Happy with the good news from you.Take care !Ana

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