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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Continuing on in the Charleston theme (there seems to be no end to the great garden ideas from my tour there several years ago), here’s a photo of the front entryway to a stately Charleston home. There isn’t much room for a lush planting, so this gardener looked up. In addition to the pots on the stair treads, they’ve trained mandevilla vines to scramble along the handrails. It softens the imposing columns and lends some southern charm. Not that this house needs any help!

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  1. stanhorst 01/19/2011

    I love entryways that are softened by plants. This is very attractive!

  2. user-7006896 01/19/2011


    Please tell me what vine is covering the wall behind the black bench and beside the house.

  3. sheilaschultz 01/19/2011

    These flowers and vines are just screaming, 'Welcome to our home'!

  4. Frdgrntmatow 01/19/2011

    Sharp eye JAABA! I didn't notice the bench until you mentioned it. I don't think it's a vine;possibly a hedge? Boxwood or some other evergreen deciduous hardy only to that zone. Maybe someone else can be more accurate.

  5. sheilaschultz 01/20/2011

    It's gotta be a vine...

  6. DarleneBL 01/20/2011

    It looks like a creeping fig vine growing on a wall. You can also see the vine on the side of the steps. I love this vine, once established it so beautifully covers walls. But it can go wild! You may need a full time gardener to keep it trimmed and "in bounds"!

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