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Morning glories in the afternoon

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

One last shot from Charleston, and then I’m done, I promise. I adore this gateway. The humble morning glory makes quite an impact here, eh? The palms and tropicals that embrace the gate add to the sense of mystery. I so wanted to know what was on the other side. Unfortunately, this garden was not on the tour.

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. arboretum 01/20/2011

    as lushly beautiful as it gets!

  2. jean1964 01/20/2011

    The Charleston gateway is quite lovely! My son-in-law makes fun of my morning glory "weeds." I say they are welcome inexpensive bursts of beautiful color bounding up my mailbox post.

  3. ncgardener 01/20/2011

    That is a traffic stopper. I plan on trying them on a rusted bench I have in my side yard and I can only hope that I have the same impact. Please do more courtyard garden styles!

  4. HesterRegan 01/20/2011

    Please don't stop with the gateways. these give me inspiration for the entrance to my very small patio.

    I live in an apartment with my own 10 x 10 patio surrounded by a privacy fence. I has a border of soil about 1 foot in depth between the fence and the cement.

    This Summaer is morning glory time for this happy gardener.

  5. littleloiee 01/20/2011

    This type of morning glory grows prolifically in and around Berkeley and Oakland and I think it is even prettier than the still beautiful Heavenly Blue. I have transported it from Massachusetts but they are tricky to grow in zone 6. Sometimes people forget that a weed is just a flower out of place and can't appreciate the intense purple. Perhaps because it is too familiar to them. This picture is gorgeous!

  6. Ruth 01/20/2011

    This looks like 'Grandpa Ott' morning glory, and if it is, "prolifically" is a vast understatement. It grows along my veggie garden fence (in Connecticut), reseeds without fail starting late spring and right up 'til frost. I have to rip out huge quantities just to keep it from strangling my food crops. But it is beautiful!

  7. user-7006885 01/20/2011

    Love morning glories---especially blue. Years ago in Montgomery, Alabama my Dad and I routinely took a deliberate detour on the way to my school just to see a house with the whole end side of a porch totally covered with blue morning glories.

    What a way to start the day!

  8. stonethegardener 01/20/2011

    I like morning glories, I like the humming birds that they attract, BUT... morning glories definitely have a down side...

    I planted them all over my vegetable garden one time, and I wuz troubled by a weed that I could NOT conquer for years after...

    The only solution wuz to move... I seriously doubt the morning glories R still there, deer have a habit of killing gardens and it's been 6 years since they've had free reign...

    Nice pics... I esp. like the photo gallery concept... Does anybody mind if I 'borrow' the coding for that little item?

  9. SammyDog 01/20/2011

    Re. Grandpa Ott Morning Glories comment... I disagree, unless soil type dramatically mutes their color. Mine are much more intense dk blue/violet, high contrast magenta throat, dark green leaves all large heart shapes, no lobes. FYI - in rich well-watered soil they can grow so vigorously that the leaves hide the flowers.

    For original source I refer you to the Seed Savers Exchange:

    If you have a chance to visit Seed Savers, you will probably find Grandpa Otts sharing a barn wall with some tall sunflowers as a trellis. I assume they self-seed in that spot; I know mine do and thrive on neglect out by my mailbox.

  10. sheilaschultz 01/20/2011

    I just may have to plant a morning glory or two this spring. This one definitely brings the 'wow' factor.

  11. cindyno1 01/24/2011

    Wow, I just want to walk through that gate. I always plant Morning glories but in the cold north sometimes they don't do as well as those in Charleston!

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